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5 Reasons to Choose Tarrant Construction

It’s a competitive world out there, and we all know there are many options in the Fort Worth area when it comes to choosing a general contractor for your next construction project. Also, every good GC who is worthy of consideration should always be somewhere between steady busy and “swamped” with business, given the strength of the Texas economy. With that in mind, here are five tips for choosing the right general contractor on your next project. In other words, five great reasons to choose Tarrant Construction! 

1. Experience

How long has your GC been in business and do they have more than just a few references? Just about anyone can call themselves a GC and try to sub out work, but you don’t want just anyone building your new facility or remodeling your office. Ask for references and learn about the company’s history. Tarrant Construction has been in business for over 25 years and completed over 9,000 projects. That’s the kind of experience that knows how to get the job done right, on time, and on budget. We can also provide a list of references almost 25 years long.

2. Bonding

Is the general contractor you’re considering bonded? And up to what dollar amount are they bonded? Heck, what even is bonding? In short, bonding fulfills several important functions. First, it helps guarantee that a contractor will perform on a job and meet all contractual requirements. Second, this protects the project owner (you the client), other contractors involved in the project, and the general public. Third, bonding helps provide legitimacy to contractors and build a positive reputation in the construction industry. Tarrant Construction is capable of bonding projects up to $15 million and we have access to a range of surety companies, which helps us bond virtually any project within our scope. 

3. Specialization

Do the GC’s you are considering have any specialty? Or are they taking a shotgun approach – parking lot today, custom interior remodel tomorrow? Think about your project and see if the GC you are considering, has relevant experience. Just because they’ve completed some big projects doesn’t necessarily qualify them for your project. At Tarrant Construction, our specialty is medical suites, offices, museums and custom displays, religious facilities, and financial buildings. Take a look at our gallery, there are plenty of reasons to choose Tarrant Construction in there.

4. Timing & Capacity

Timing is everything. Ask how your GC is doing managing their project pipeline and backlog? A good GC will show you their project management tool and demonstrate confidence in their ability to stay on track, even if they’re in a busy season. Also, what’s their capacity? In marriage you want to be equally yoked, and this is a good idea in business as well. Make sure you’re matched up with a contractor who is the right size, aka the right fit for your project. 

5. Planning, Due Diligence & Design:

Ask your potential general contractors if they offer any services beyond general construction, to help manage your project. A well-qualified GC should be able to help you plan ahead to avoid common mistakes. This strategic thinking is often overlooked by both GC’s and clients in the rush to get a project started. Experienced contractors can provide due diligence services with the local municipality and any other regulatory agencies. This capability is crucial to a smooth project and increases the odds of receiving a quick certificate of occupancy. A strategic GC can also bring design services to the table. Depending on the size and scope of your project, an external architect may not always be needed. A great GC recognizes this and can offer design services internally, or help connect you to the right resources for design.

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