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Managing Construction During COVID-19

Managing Construction During COVID-19

Just about any construction project can be a stressful event for a business owner, and that’s before a global pandemic. When you add in the ongoing difficulties of managing through COVID-19, the idea of new construction or a major facility remodel might sound like a virtually impossible task. Not for Tarrant Construction. To begin with, we pride ourselves on making the entire construction project as seamless and smooth as possible based on a three-prong approach:

  • Prior Planning – “Fail to plan, and you plan to fail”
  • Constant Communication – “If the client doesn’t know what’s going on, we’re not doing our job right”
  • Contingencies – “Always have a backup plan for the backup plan”

With that in mind, our leadership team has taken additional steps to manage each client’s construction project, pro-actively, with the implications of COVID-19 in mind. How does the pandemic affect timelines, quality, budgeting, logistics, permitting, and approvals? These are all critical success factors that our team has addressed in order to ensure smooth workflow on each project. We realize it’s not a matter of “if COVID will impact a project”, but just a question of “when and how.” Our job as your general contractor is to manage the entire construction process for a successful outcome. Here’s how Tarrant Construction is succeeding during the pandemic:

  • Jobsite safety and cleanliness best practices and policies are in place
  • A risk mitigation plan in the event of government enforced shutdown/limitations
  • Ongoing assessment of necessary management and client related activities onsite
  • Project visibility and documentation plans. In layman terms, this is bench strength. If managers, sub-contractors or critical laborers are out sick, Tarrant has the ability to seamlessly insert replacements onto the construction field, which minimizes delays
  • Project completion debriefs. We are constantly learning from each jobsite and applying new knowledge on the next client construction project
  • Materials management. Our supply chain managers are constantly evaluating sources for commodities, supplies, and tools in order to maintain the flow of materials to the jobsite

Uncertainty brings risk. We understand this, and we also understand that our clients have critical needs for facilities in order to continue business operations. As a professional general contractor in Fort Worth, we are committed to managing this risk, mitigating COVID-19 as much as possible, and continuing to deliver projects on time.

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