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Smart Technology Construction Trends

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Smart Technology Construction Trends

Over the last two decades digital technology and computing power has advanced faster than the previous 50+ years combined, thanks to Moore’s Law. This universal truth has had an impact on the construction industry as well. New technology is disrupting every aspect of the construction industry from building materials to assembly techniques, and build timelines to client communication. Here’s several trends that we see emerging and continuing in the Fort Worth and greater North Texas marketplace when it comes to general contracting and construction services. 

  1. Smart Building Practices. While LEED certified building projects may still be rare due to cost/benefit constraints, the associated standards have created new technology that is being used regularly in general contracting across Fort Worth and North Texas. LED lighting has become standard, along with smart switches that automatically turn lighting on/off in most environments. There are apps to control just about everything in a commercial space, from HVAC systems to alarms, and of course video surveillance platforms. With water restrictions becoming more common, digital technology is even being used to monitor water usage, both inside buildings and outside throughout the landscaping system.  
  1. Drones. These video/camera systems are proving to be extremely valuable for a wide range of activities on construction sites. They can be used to document construction progress, assess hard to reach or dangerous places on a site, provide remote clients with updates and details, and even automate routine tasks such as documenting safety protocols. We expect drone technology to continue growing in 2021 and become more common on most construction sites. 
  1. Augmented Reality (AR). This technology has been discussed and concepted for a while now, but is just starting to take off as it relates to the construction industry. AR is another great way to give remote clients hands on views and updates of construction progress. It can also be used to perform complex or specialized tasks like following a wiring diagram or assembling complicated equipment. 

2020 has certainly been a roller coaster of ups and downs throughout the economy, filled with uncertainty. Thankfully the construction and general contracting market remains strong in North Texas. One thing remains certain throughout all of this year’s chaos. Technology will continue to impact all areas of business, and especially in construction. Tarrant Construction remains committed to learning and adopting new technology to meet the needs of our clients and deliver exceptional services in Fort Worth and the greater North Texas area. 

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